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Why I started, What I have been doing and features with me.

My name is Brock Lusch, I have been happily married to my wife for 11 years and counting. I am a 38yr old father of 3 (5,3 and one who I never was able to hold physically but hold her spirit in my heart.) they are full of smiles, grumpiness, laughs and drama. I have been an At-Home Dad since April 2017. Since that time I have launched the Cincinnati Dads Group, (In one year has grown to connect over 300 Dads in the city) becoming the 30th city to join the CityDadsGroup. In 2018 I attended Dad 2.0 Summit  (a Dad Influencers conference) where I found the drive to start my The NOMADad Podcast back in May. Then in September I attended my first HomeDadCon and was elected to the board for the National At-Home Dad Network and I am working to help with their Social Media reach.

When I’m not juggling all those things I’m out in nature hiking, hunting and biking with my family and playing an active role in the Men’s Leadership team at my church. Plus I do historical research for my family by building my family tree. I try to stay busy because I have battled with depression for years and the activities help keep my mind focused.

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